Sunday, May 27, 2012

Busy May

May is always a busy month for us...Ray's birthday, my Dad's birthday, Mother's Day, Xavier's Birthday, the end of the school year crazyness for educators...but also lots of fun.  Here is a little taste of what we've been up to.  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.  I'm so thankful for all the men and women who serve our country and protect our freedoms.

After a night of Ray and I partying hardy (sarcasm) at the Ridgefield High School prom aboard the Portland Spirit, we started the next morning at the water front celebrating Cinco De Mayo with Grandma Julia.  Xavier enjoyed a few rides and we all enjoyed yummy Mexican food!

The weekend of May 11th to 13th we packed up and headed over to Central Oregon to be with my family to celebrated my dad's, Ray's (31), and Xavier's (3) birthdays as well as Mother's Day.  My brother and his family were able to be there is well.  It's always lots of fun to get the whole family together.  Unfotunately I don't take very many pictures because my mom and dad are like the poparazi.  So here's what we have...
Ray's Birthday (May 10th) the night before we left.  Xavier had to help blow out the candle.

 At the American Red Cross (where my Mom works) open house.

Emery's time with G.G.

This year Xavier was really in to his Birthday.  We've been reading "Arthur's Birthday" and it just so happened that Arthur has the same Birthday as Xavier (it even shows it circle on a calander!).  So for the past couple months since we got that book, he's been gearing up for his birthday party.  May 25th was this past Friday.  He got his first present in the morning before we left for work...a Lightening McQueen potty seat (the even cooler thing is that he used it MANY times that day).  Later that evening Grandma Julia and Papa Ray came over to help us celebrate the birthday boy.  We went out to dinner then came home to open presents and eat some "cake with fire" (candles).

"Helping" make his cake

Birthday Sundae at Billygins

Taking the bull by the horns

New race track for his HotWheels

Saturday, May 26th we had a birthday party with a few of our close friends and their kiddos.  Xavier had a great time (and so did Mommy and Daddy!)  Thank to everyone who was able to make it!
Xavier standing in front of "The Spread" dog bar

All the  kiddos running around...Xavier, Jacob (Wang), Kai (Boatsmand), and Isabella (Tobin)...and Emery too :)

Opening presents with Kai and Isabella watching...THANKS everyone!

Sucess at blowing out the candles!

Helping Mommy get ready for Western of HBHS's spirit week.

Little posers.

Turned my head for a minute and she was eating soil!

FIRST time bowling!  Thanks YoungLife 
A little milkshake with whipped cream to go with!

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  1. This was so fun reading and looking at all the pictures! :)